The 908 area code covers the northern central region of New Jersey. Included in this region are the cities of Elizabeth, Linden, Plainfield, and Union City, as well as the township of Bridgewater. Many of the cities and townships in the 908 area code serve as bedroom suburbs for New York City, and most of the residents in those townships and cities commute to New York City for work. Therefore, much of the part of New Jersey that falls into the 908 area code is residential and family-oriented. The area also happens to be ethnically diverse and is home to a number of different immigrant communities.

Working in the 908 Area Code

As previously mentioned, many of the residents living in the 908 area code do work in New York City and commute there daily. The majority of cities and townships in the 908 area code are mere minutes from New York City and there is several transportation options available for commuters who live in the 908 area code. However, there are still many active industries in the 908 area code, and many people who work in those industries as well.

The city of Elizabeth is home to the largest seaport in North America. Several people living in Elizabeth and Linden are employed by the Bayview Refinery. There are growing pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries in the township of Bridgewater. Plainfield is a hub for manufacturing. There are a number of healthcare facilities in Union City, as well as an embroidery industry that has existed for over a century and a half. Additionally, several of the cities and townships in the area have developed plans and created nonprofits to help expand and diversify their economies.

Living in the 908 Area Code

The varying industries and close proximity to New York City have attracted a wide variety of people over the centuries, from immigrants looking for a fresh start in a new country while working in an industry they were already familiar with to affluent executives working in Manhattan and looking for a quieter and more residential area to raise their families without having to give up their jobs or office locations. Therefore, the population of the 908 area code is both ethnically and economically diverse.

Some of the larger ethnic groups present in the 908 area code are an African American community in Plainfield, a vibrant Polish community in Linden, and a very well-known Cuban community in Union City. These communities have had an influence on their respective locations, often in the form of events hosted by the municipal groups or the businesses present in the cities. The cities and townships of the 908 area code also happen to be very family-oriented, and this is reflected in the forms of attractions that are available to residents to entertain them during their free time.

Lawyers in the 908 Area Code

The legal community in the 908 area code is varied, although most of the law firms tend to be of the mid- and small-sized variety, in addition to solo practitioners. The lawyers who live in the 908 area code and work in large firms usually commute to New York City, which is a relatively short commute away. Some lawyers from the 908 area code who work for large firms may also commute to Newark, which is also in northern New Jersey, but in a different area code.

While the size of the law firms may not be widely varied, the areas of law that are practiced are very diverse. The large immigrant communities support a sizable immigration law practice group, and have given rise to a large number of lawyers who speak more than one language. Many lawyers practicing maritime, employment, and personal injury law have set up their offices in Elizabeth to serve the companies who utilize the city’s extremely busy seaport. The township of Bridgewater is regularly attracting more patent lawyers who are benefiting from Bridgewater’s growing biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. While there are still many lawyers living in the 908 area code who commute to New York City, there are plenty of lawyers practicing a variety of different kinds of law working in the 908 area code.